Increase Earning Power of Your Restaurant Business With Manager Application

If you are one of those restaurant owners who don’t have time to promote your food business traditionally or can’t invest your exhaustive time, money and effort any further in promoting or reassuring your restaurant business, here you’ll get the most up-to-the-minute and prolific solution for doing that most effortlessly.

From promotions to operations and client relations everything can be taken care of through a diligent smart gadget (iPad/ Tablet/iPhone) application for your restaurant business. The most vigilant methods of keeping a keen possession over every entity of a food biz can be assiduously handled by the restaurant manager application.

Whether you are running a small restaurant or a big restaurant, a single unit or a chain Gourmet’s restaurant application can act imperative for your entire restaurant business framework. If I am saying entire I mean every aspect related to a food business that you can think of in a contemporary business setup can be dealt with most productively with the amazing iPad/ tablet application (further be classified over different platforms like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android etc.)

It can be your best friend in promoting your business virally through web, social media, blogs, digital associates etc. It would help you connect to your prospects through emails and handy notifications. If you are promoting a new business you can simply put your deliverables and schemes on your personalized promotional interface provided by the app and let your walk-ins or other prospects learn about it in most interactive manner.

If you are fairly settled in your restaurant business you need to make all attentive inputs to sustain in today’s competitive business world. In order to retain your customers and add more you have to be on your toes to make them feel special with your calculative CRM system which is playfully possible with the restaurant manager application.

By keeping a track of customer history and building a virtual rapport chart of each customer coming in to your restaurant it can allocate certain loyalty points to all of them and segregate them into different privileged segments and accordingly offer them an added value.

This system covers everything from offering additional discounts, reservation privileges, promotional offers, coupons, discount vouchers on tie-ups etc.

Not just promotions but you can easily cut your costs down to at least 20% by implementing never before digital menu that is functionally advances and highly interactive and intuitive.

This would call for a better response from your walk-ins and customers and let you serve them better without engaging your work force for every recurring thing. By adding more compliant methods for your patrons to connect to your business offers and specialties you can get a client base developed for your business that serves you hand fully in making long-term profits.

By virally spreading and maintaining the associate-acclaims of your business you can get high benefits in your promotional campaigns (for tie-ups, promotional events, associate programs, seasonal offers, schemes on corporate discounts etc). You can get your business value increased multifold by enhancing the brand value and recognition among the target segment.

With the help of your customized application theme (that could be handled dynamically ) you can get the best value created by your own and it would help you provide your customers with a functional platform to connect with you and your services seamlessly.

The best thing about the application is that it all focused to your patronizing format and acts as a virtual face of your restaurant which can communicate your idea, your offers, make them aware of your latest additions, take their feedback and keep them in touch!

This is what you want from a new generation business support module. It fails nowhere to surprise them with the level of business communication and hospitality. On the other end it would be a manager, waiter, attendant, accountant and a marketer of your business and most of all a father app of all your operations and system that you need in a restaurant business.

How and What to Monitor in Your Real Estate Business

To enjoy your real estate business success, it is imperative to conduct business activity monitoring. Unless you keep an eye on all business activities, you cannot take it to the next level. In the real estate business, you may be involved in a variety of activities. For example, you can have your own property or rental properties to manage. You may be offering services on contractual basis. You may also be involved as an agent or broker in this business and your areas of service might cover buying or selling properties, renting out property and so forth. You may also offer real estate escrow agent services or real estate appraising solutions.

Whatever the nature of your services, you need to identify the Key Performance Indicators or KPIs of the business. KPIs determine the success or failure of a business. In simple terms, you can use KPIs as a business activity monitoring tool. KPI is a technical term used by the business fraternity.

A real estate business typically comprises two revenue streams; sales and property management. In order to measure the performance of your sales department, you need to take into account the percentage of appraisals that becomes listings, sales percentage of the listings, percentage paid by the client for advertising, percentage of business generated through referrals or old clients and the margin of profit. In order to gauge these, you also need to see how many property transactions were made successfully from the initiated transactions. You need to check the average value of the transactions that are done and compare the number of transactions accomplished by the agency or through auctions. You have to compare the initial listing price with the signing/contract price.

There are other also activities that you also have to monitor in the case of sales income. These include; the average selling price of the property in terms of per square meter, value of sold residential properties, number of properties listed in your magazine and average percentage of the discount rates offered to buyers who purchased properties from the agency. Basically, you need to judge sales performance from every angle in order to get accurate estimates for your business.

In the area of Property Management, you will again need to identify some of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These include but are not limited to; the total number of properties managed, profitability, number of properties handled by each property manager, duration of vacancy and rent arrears. Property management is considered a safe business because it allows you to reasonably accurately predict both income and expenditure.

If you want your business to grow and get stronger, you must conduct continuous business activity monitoring and measure these Key Performance Indicators on a regular basis.